Posidonio Music Hall

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Music Hall

From April 27, at Posidonio Music Hall:
Panos Kiamos
Nikiforos, Andonella
Courtney Parker, Valia Somaraki
DJ Lia Papadaki
Every  Friday and Saturday, nights will be unique!!


Posidonio Music Hall first opened its doors to the public on June 27, 1991. Since then it has been considered as a point of reference for nightlife in Athens, keeping its sights throughout its long course in space.

The word “bouzoukia” at Posidonio Music Hall gets new meaning and has not been classified unfairly by the media as the “Temple of Fun” as it has hosted the biggest names of the Greek pentagram on its track, bringing up new artists and boosting the career of many others.

Posidonio Music Hall is considered a real ornament that adorns the coastal avenue after its renovation in 2008 and is flooded daily by the audience who wants to experience the unforgettable experience of a night of endless and real fun in the bouzoukia.

Accessible with Mass Media and having parking facilities at the back of the building (not to worry about keeping your car safe), Posidonio Music Hall and its contributors make sure that you will enjoy the carefree nightlife and have fun in your favorite bouzoukia.

For many it is an unforgettable experience, to live a night of real entertainment, at Posidonio.




Posidonio Music Hall


Posidonio Music Hall

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In difficult times, when communication is essential and direct contact safer, Posidonio allows you to make phone calls even with the people who run the bookings, so that your contact is instant and at the same time friendly for your entertainment.
They are our own people and yours for sure. Contact them and have fun.

Our maîtres

Antonis Mikoniatis: 6944 284 733
Nikos Mourdoukoutas: 6944 639 854
Kostas Bravos: 6971 766 686

Bottle(comple) price for (4) persons 160€
Bottle of wine price (2) persons 80€
Entrance 15€ with a drink at the bar and 10€ for the second drink.

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